Merzbow/Boris "MerzBOwRIS" Shirt (Large)

Image of Merzbow/Boris "MerzBOwRIS" Shirt  (Large)


Merzbow/Boris "MerzBOwRIS" Shirt Size Large

Originally made for the pre-order of our vinyl pressing of the Boris with Merzbow "Sun Baked Snow Cave" album - brand new


!! PLEASE NOTE !!: Many of the items in this t-shirt sale are USED items. They are sold "as-is", with no returns accepted. They are of differing age, size, cut and brand, and as such size indications are approximate and may vary by garment. We have done our best to note the condition of the garment using the key chart listed below. All prices have been somewhat arbitrarily chosen, though some determination has been made based on age, condition and rarity of the garment. Thank you for your support.


*N-SU: new to slightly used
*U-WW: used to well-worn
*HW-DPT: heavily worn - as in by a dirty punk teenager

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