MELVINS - "Making Love Demos" + MANCHILD 3 by Brian Walsby

Image of MELVINS - "Making Love Demos" + MANCHILD 3 by Brian Walsby


Unopened comic book + Melvins CD.

"Bifocal Media is very proud, and excited to publish this title from two legendary artists: Brian Walsby and The Melvins. MANCHILD 3 (Brian's 3rd published book of comic art) showcases the illustrative skill and wit that have earned Mr. Walsby a loyal following of fans since the early 80s. Many will remember Brian's work in magazines ranging from Maximum Rocknroll and Flipside all the way over to Hustler's Barely Legal while others know of Brian's classic album art for bands like 7-Seconds, Melvins, Scared Straight, and others. Brian also played drums for Polvo, Ryan Adams, Scared Straight, and currently plays for Double Negative. Manchild 3 comes packaged with the Melvins "Making Love" Demos CD. This is an ultra rare 8 song recording made my the band in 1987!"

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