HYDRA HEAD 5 LP GRAB BOX (Botch, Cave In, OMG, etc)

Image of HYDRA HEAD 5 LP GRAB BOX (Botch, Cave In, OMG, etc)


Heya - we gotta new deal for you thrifty shoppers out there!! 5 randomly selected LPs or 2xLPs - packed into one box and shipped to you for the low, low price of $28 Postage Paid in the US&A (prices higher for international customers - and before you start: yes, international shipping is expensive, and no, there isn’t anything we can do about it). These are brand new/unopened vinyl titles carefully selected from our vaults. Please note that some of them have slightly dinged corners and thus their inclusion in this grab box. Here is a listed of the albums included (some on colored vinyl even!) - you are guaranteed 5 of these titles, though we can’t specify which ones exactly you’ll get since the orders were packed at random: JESU “Heartache & Dethroned” 2xLP, BOTCH “American Nervoso” 2xLP, JODIS “Black Curtain” LP, CAVE IN “White Silence” LP, NIHILL “Grond” 2xLP, OLD MAN GLOOM “NO” 2xLP, JODIS “Secret House”, PRURIENT “Times Arrow” LP, MAMIFFER/PYRAMIDS split LP, BOTCH “An Anthology of Dead Ends” LP, CLOUDS “We Are Above You” 2xLP, CAVE IN “Antenna” 2xLP, DROWNINGMAN “Busy Signal at the Suicide Hotline” LP, ENDON “Mama” LP, and SPLIT CRANIUM s/t LP. So, there you go - oh, and: most orders packed with a random CD or two as well. Thank you!

Package weight: 6 pounds. Shipped via Media Mail in the US, via Priority Mail International elsewhere.

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