30 CD grab box


30 full-art Hydra Head CDs for $40 postage paid in the US (postage additional for international orders)!!

Discover your new favorite records from our vast and consistently amazing catalog!! Wowzers!!!

The holidaze are almost upon us. You're gonna need a lotta killer tunes to get through it. And maybe some stocking stuffers for the physical media enthusiast in your family. To that end we're going to help you out. We're offering a CD grab box: 30 fully packaged Hydra Head CDs for 40 measly bucks. Cave In, Khanate, Xasthur, Botch, Jesu, Harvey Milk, Old Man Gloom, to name but a few of the inclusions. Act now, limited supplies. Limited life span. It's only getting colder.....

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